Hand Embroidery Artwork

Hand Embroidery Crafts

Embroidery crafts: the oldest embroidery crafts, but now only in the remote ethnic enclave retained. Aisha Lee Hui embroidery is located in the westernmost part of China - Ningxia Haiyuan, once recognized by UNESCO as not suitable for human habitation; here simple, economic lag, low prices, women advocate handicraft skills, has retained a lot of China Traditional handicraft making technology, so the handicrafts produced here compared to other types of thorn flow flat light different, with a strong three-dimensional and decorative. Compared with other handicrafts, such as jade carvings, wood carvings and lacquer wares, the embroidery products are relatively clean and the collection value is high. It is valuable in hand-made crafts and slow in process. A simple handicrafts sometimes lasted tens of days , Even months.

Embroidery has been 2,000 years of history since ancient times, known as the "Pearl of the East" It has always been a luxury enjoyed by the aristocrats, treasures of people who love artefacts, Treasures of Prime Minister exchanges between the national gifts. Because it is the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancient people and has been at the forefront of the five thousand-year history of civilization in the Chinese nation, it was developed on the basis of the discovery and utilization of silk. It not only enriched and enriched the material life of the people but also A high level of spiritual enjoyment.
Embroidery crafts collection value:
1. Art value. Embroidery works delightful.
  • Economic Value. Quality embroidery works priceless. 
  • Collection value. Precious embroidery works are often collected by collectors, and provide exhibitions.
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