Company culture:
Haiyuan county, located in the territory of Ningxia, is one of the most densely populated areas of the Hui ethnic in China. It is known as China's Hui ethnic hometown and is an area with a very strong Islamic atmosphere. Aisha Handicraft Co., Ltd. is set up in this hometown.
Inhabited by Hui and Han people here, Hui Muslims have retained their religious beliefs and customs while also being influenced by Chinese Han and other diverse cultures, forming a unique folk culture of the Hui nationality in China. Hui folk embroidery is one of them.
During the Tang, Song and Xia Yuan periods, the ‘female red’ culture once underwent a major blend in western China and a new ‘woman’ culture was born, that is, Hui Embroidery.
Even today, the Haiyuan Hui people continue their custom of preparing dowry for embroidery products when their daughters are married. This also lays an important factor that this culture has inherited from the region.
Since the establishment of Aisha Lee has been in place for more than a decade, the company has taken root here, sprouted and thrived. The founder of the company, Ms. Aisha, is a rural woman born here. She deeply understands the cultural environment here and leads the team to innovate. She skillfully blended local culture with Islamic culture and developed many products that are praised by customers at home and abroad. The products were once collected by Malay Prime Minister and Indonesian President.
All along, Aisha Lee paid great attention to the personal potential of his employees, gave them unlimited freedom, explored their unlimited potential, and realized their value. Innovation is the vitality of the company. We will always work hard to keep our innovation alive and open up the future.
We will create a brand new ‘Aisha Lee’ image with a more determined spirit of dedication, a more persistent and innovative concept, a more enthusiastic sense of service, and a more efficient collaborative team.
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