About Us

About us:
Haiyuan Aisha Handicraft Co., Ltd. was established in 2010,8 . Its´ a professional engaged in embroidery product development, training, production and sales of cultural enterprises. Established in Ningxia·Haiyuan ---- Hui Muslims  ghettos of China .

The company registered the ‘Aisha • Lee’ commercial brand in September 2010.
The company has been continuously innovating and developing since its establishment. From the beginning of the single workshop to the current cultural enterprise, our products include home decoration ornaments and embroidery products, life consumables and embroidery products as well as high-end luxury collection embroidery products and other fields.

In the past few years, Aisha •Lee insisted on taking the customer as the center, working hard to research and develop the products needed in the market, and continuously improving the competitiveness of the products. Since its establishment, many products have been favored and praised by customers at home and abroad.

In 2015, the hand-embroidered Arabic hand scroll developed and produced by the company was collected by the former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir. In 2016, Mr. Li Jinyou, a well-known Malaysian businessman, purchased the company’s products and presented him with the President of Indonesia in 2018.

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